Don’t Lose Your Power!

A similar quote once said during the times of slavery was “the best way to hide something from a African-American is to put it in a book”, but something African-American ancestors prayed for, and fought for is so easily taken for granted.
We came a long way, but yet we forget the struggle. As a member of the African-American community, we tear each other down more than any other race.
 Slavery, we thought was over, but yet still exist amongst us. We are still enslaving ourselves with the mentality of what others have told us is the way to be. We’ll sell records dumbing down our intelligence, and dance half-naked while being called a hoe or bitch. Has this been what our ancestors fought for?
 They gotten beaten, and whipped for secretly trying to educate themselves by reading books, but yet African-Americans drop out of school or never go to college when it is so openly given as a choice to them. Who needs a slave master now and days when the African-American race enslaves themselves?
 A race where more African-American men are in prison then in college, and yes, racism still exist, but if we have a African-American man as a president, it’s time to STOP making excuses for your circumstances, and START making a stand. If you don’t like something do something about it, and if you don’t… shut up about it. We complain about the economy or what President Obama not doing, but have you been voting?
My African-American women are offended so misinterpreted, being noticed only for their bodies or being the forbidden fruit, and not being the whole package, but what’s worst then the stereotype is the fact that some African-American women accept it, play the role, and never take a stand against it.
Why is it when Michelle Obama came on to the scene it took the US by surprise that a “African-American” woman could carry herself in a certain way, and be educated while highlighting what makes her a beautiful woman? There are many Michelle Obama’s in the United States, but offend overlooked because there are so many others with the slave mentality.
 The “white man” excuse doesn’t apply any more when you are your own obstacle.
What happen to the marches? The boycotts when someone receives unfair treatment? We have gotten so far gone that we say we don’t like an individual for whatever reason, but don’t even know they could own the company where we buy most of our products from. Are we losing our power because we don’t do our own research of what we allow to come into our life? And where has the backbone of being African-American gone? We have so much fear that we limit ourselves to life when we possess so much power.
 What happened to all the communities where black people lived who sticked together,and the communities helped raised a child? Now, everyone is taking on the “no snitching” mentality, when someone else’s child is dead?
What happened to empowerment versus self-hate and destruction?
Why do we complain and say “black men/ black women don’t or are….”, when we ourselves are black, and have come from black parents?
We make excuses for our behavior, and would cut or shoot someone we feel is getting in our way versus taken on the challenge, and letting the best man/woman win, what happened to the good sportsmanship of the African-American communities?
Let’s go back, and stop losing our power because we have more than we think. When we stand together there is no force against us that we can’t reckon with. To stand alone doesn’t have the most impact, but to stand together helps produce results.
Let’s stop losing our power by sitting quietly. If you research the history of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Angela Davis and even the Black Panther Party  they all focused on unity, and even went to jail if they needed too. Sometimes when you take a stand others might not like it, and display hate even when all you want is the same fair treatment given to another. It’s a journey of hardship, but its a journey that is necessary in order for change to occur. So you might sit back and wonder how you can make a difference, and that starts by taking a stand not for what is just right for you, but right amongst others. You will never know when you yourself might be in that individual’s shoes, and think about how you would like someone to take a stand for you.
We have come to a day and age where our youth has very few leaders to look up too, and when trouble arrives that they feel is unfair they call Al Sharpton but who in this generation is the next Al Sharpton, Malcolm X, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? We have gotten so far off track that music doesn’t even make sense any more, and men in their forties are making songs about being the new twenty and thirty; when in fact, they are still the same old forty writing premature songs. Times have changed, but why? it’s changed because not enough people want positive change long enough to stick it out until the change comes, and this comes by giving up your power because those opposing forces know that eventually you will be a quitter and give up fighting or you won’t even bother to try at all.
Don’t lose your power by ignoring everything around you, and pretending we live in a fantasy world. Life will go on, but its going on with progression that has the most meaning. To live a meaningful life is not always easy, but worth living because you can see how far you’ve come. No matter when you begin to understand that life is not always about material possessions, sex,or success but more about change and progression then the more you have come to understand what makes life worth living.
“The first need of a free people is to define their own terms.”
Stokely Carmichael

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