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If You Like It, Then DON’T Put A Ring On It


Okay, the song goes “If you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it”, however, keyword is “like”. When you think about something so life changing as marriage do you really just want someone to “like” you? When I think of the word “like” when it is referred to in marriage I think “settle”. I think like means you’re settling because you like that person enough to be around them, but yet you don’t love them. I think a lot of people now and days are marrying because they “like” a person versus love a person, hence why there are so many divorces. People “like” a person, and then find out they don’t “love” who that person truly is, and they realize they have settled for being with someone for whatever reason or void it filled at that point in their life. For example, a woman marries for money, and a man marries for a trophy wife. There was something Ivana Trump said when asked if people thought she married Donald Trump because he was rich, she made a comment stating

“would he have married me, if I was not beautiful?”

It was a good comeback, however, it displayed that their marriage was a business arrangement more then a real love relationship. Why would anyone want to marry someone they just “like”? Why do people settled?

 We all our guilty of singing the song by Beyonce, and mimicking the music video, however, have we really pay attention to the content? What do the lyrics really say? When you think about it, it says a lot. The lyrics say it doesn’t matter that this person who proposed doesn’t see the real me nor do they “love” me. It says I am content with you, you might not be first choice or you might not give me everything I feel I need, BUT I LIKE YOU, so I’ll marry you. What exactly has marriage come too now and days? Is it the ring? Or the life commitment? Because a life commitment does not require marriage or even a ring for that matter. So really why do you want to get married? What is it really about?

  We have all these shows about getting married to the point that the marriage becomes about the ring or the wedding, but is that all marriage is? Has marriage been defined by the leftover debt of a wedding that oversees the actually marriage? We spend a fortune on the ceremonies trying to prove to others we are in love, but after the wedding bells ring, and you have the ring on your finger are you still singing the catchy Beyonce song?

Some people weddings are still being paid for and they are divorced, why? Because you “liked” it so you put a ring on it? When actuality you liked the fantasy or the idea of being married. Let’s be real. Some people marry because they don’t want the other person going anywhere, and some people marry for religious reasons, however, if the sex was the reason you married… sex is NOT a good reason to get married, and a marriage is NOT about a ring so IF YOU “LIKE” IT, THEN DON’T PUT A RING ON IT, but in fact you should “love” that person, which is more than any ring or any wedding, because its priceless in fact love has no expectations because if you love that person who is to say you would love them any different with or without a commitment. People mistake marriage as an entitlement, and they put expectations on marriage, such as thinking a person will change after marriage.

 NEWS FLASH!!! How a person was before marriage will be how the person is during, and even after marriage, and that goes for the love they have for you as well so to close out “if you like it then DON’T put a ring on it”, Marriage doesn’t bring happiness only you can achieve that, and if your not happy without marriage you won’t be happy with it. If you want to get married so desperately I say marry yourself, and make that commitment to yourself to do whatever it takes to make yourself happy, and save yourself some debt because love should not be measured by a commitment.


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