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Are You Ready For Love?

We say we want love, we’re looking for love, or we want to feel love, but do you know what that truly means? Are you truly ready for love? They say you can’t help who you fall in love with, but is falling really something you want to do? Love is a choice, and some people have gotten it confused. There is a high divorce rate because of the confusion of “falling in love” versus truly being in love. So do you really want love?

If so, understand what love is first. Love starts with you loving yourself FIRST not compromising your morals, your beliefs, and who you are for the sake of another, and NOT forgetting about yourself and what’s important to YOU. Second, love is loving the person for who they truly are, and not the potential of what you think you can make them. Let’s be real, some of us have a habit of thinking we can change people, when reality is someone’s going to change, and it’s going to be YOU! People change when they want to change and people going to do what they want to do.


Now, when I say love the person for who they are, we mean not for what they can do for you or how much they can change your life. Some of us think prince charming is going to show up, sweep us off our feet, and we live happily ever after, WRONG!! Let’s not try to make a Hollywood movie out of life. Let’s be real, it rarely ever happens that way. It takes time to love, and that means even the annoying parts of that person you say you love. To truly love a person means love them no matter what. Whether they lose their job, can’t cook, or etc. Of course love is not those individuals who don’t love themselves enough to know how much they hurt someone by violence or cheating, but for those who truly love you because we all know love is not self seeking, violent, or destructive.


Third, love makes you look at yourself in makes you look at your past, your future, and your life presently. You begin seeing ways about yourself that you didn’t know existed. You start seeing things you have as flaws, but LOVE, real love makes you want to be a better person not only for yourself, but for that person you love. Hence, love makes you want to be a better person. Still want love?

People say they want love, but presently what do you bring to the table? What’s your expectation? Are you what you expect someone else to be? Are the things you want that person to do something you yourself will do? If you want to be loved are you giving love? What kind of love do you display? Do you call or text because that person was on your mind? Do you do randomly do things to make them feel special? Send flowers to her or take him lunch or make him dinner? Romance goes a long way after years have passed, but what keeps it going? Communication, Love, and Understanding. A relationship is work and takes time, love is effortless and can’t be forced, so with that said, are you ready for love or do you need to re-evaluate?


4 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Love?

  1. I ‘love’ this! I must say…After being in a relationship for over six years & getting engaged only to end up alone, I had almost given up on love. When you give sooo much and see it all go down the drain, it’s tough. I realized exactly what you said in this piece, I had to love me first, and that’s something I wasn’t doing .. I always wanted to put her first and hope she would appreciate it, but obviously, she didn’t. Now it’s all about working on me, allowing God to mold me into “a better person, not only for me but for her” whoever she shall be. THANK YOU for this post, it definitely let’s me know, I’m on the right track. One love.

    • I am so glad to know that you understood where I was coming from with this blog. I myself had to learn that only we can make ourselves happy, and if we can’t do that we won’t know what makes us happy in order for others to know what makes us happy.

      I look at it this way, and sometimes we never want to see it this way, but things happen for a reason. You getting out of that relationship was the best thing that could have happen to you because it allowed you to see you were not being true to yourself. Sometimes we want someone to love us so bad that we are willing to give them all our power of who we are just to please them, but what I have found in life is NOBODY deserves that kind of power, and we should never give that power to anyone because if you think about if they love you they love YOU so why change?

      I was in a similiar situation like yours… breaking my back to make someone else happy, and putting that person before myself and anything that meant something to me, and in the end of course we are not together, but I learned from that experience that I lost myself because of the idea of love versus really having love, and I told myself after that experience. I MUST love me first in order to love anyone, and if they can’t love me for who I am then they are not made to be with me, and thats what you have to continue to tell yourself. Trust me there is someone out there for everyone and in your previous situation just be thankful for the experience and the knowledge and most of all be happy you avoided a even worst situation.

      Thank you again for taking the time to read my blog, and comment on it. Your thoughts are really appreciated. Feel free to comment anytime.

  2. I am also commenting to make you understand what a wonderful encounter my friend’s girl undergone viewing your web site. She realized a lot of issues, which included what it is like to have a marvelous giving spirit to get many others without hassle thoroughly grasp a number of grueling topics. You undoubtedly exceeded readers’ expected results. Thank you for presenting such interesting, trustworthy, informative and cool tips on this topic to Evelyn.

    • I am so happy to hear that your friend liked the website. Some many of us are like your friend with a wonderful spirit that many take forgranted, but that is why it is so important to stay true to who you are because the right person will come along, and show you just how special you are, and love you like you love them. The thing is never lose hope, and don’t think they don’t exist because they do.

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