Dating & Relationships / Love? or Lack there of?

I Don’t Need a Fairy Tale

I don’t need a fairy tale wedding

All I need is some one who cares

All I want is for the love to be there

No fancy car, or mansion can compare


Love so true should never come with a value or leave you in despair

So many times in society today,

Love is measured by what you can give

But we all know true love does not live there


Could it be we don’t know what love is?

Could it be we all forgot where love lives?


Love is not about what you can provide

Nor about how sprung you can be

Love is this thing we all want

But would you know love if love was staring back at you?

Love is not something that you flaunt

But real love

True love is seen from afar

No convincing would be necessary


In the aura of love we all can see if the love is pure

Its heaven sent in everything that’s meant


When we love and the love is returned

Its only a feeling everyone is trying to comprehend

Love not lust is what its all about but tell me have you loved or yet another lust?


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