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Don’t Assume!

Time will tell where a friendship will go, or a romance that was once before. When we meet someone we never know the purpose they will fulfill or even how long they will be there. Sometimes we visualize what a person might be in our life way too soon and way before we actually get to know that person. When we first see a person we build up a persona of what that person might be like to the point that we sometimes are not open-minded to really knowing who that person truly is. Even when time passes by without a continuous contact with that person, you lose sight of who they are. Everybody grows on a daily basis, and every day is another opportunity to learn something new about that person. Sometimes we assume we know a person based off our own perceptions but we don’t always know them. It takes time together to truly understand why a person is the way a person is, or who that person is. So you might look at me and assume something about me, but without taking the time to truly know me by asking questions, having conversations, and spending time with me, you can’t truly know me. When you want to know how a person is, you must first learn where they come from because that plays a big part in who they are, and then you must learn what they are about by conversing with them. If a person doesn’t care to spend time with you outside of sex, then that person really doesn’t care to get to know you, but in return is satisfied with only a sexual relationship with you, and time will eventually reveal that to you. Sometimes we get disappointed once a person starts to become vulnerable and show you different sides of them, but in actuality, when matters of the heart are involved; love is about being vulnerable. However, a person will get disappointed by the façade they created of how that person was going to be versus them just taking the time to see how that person is, and accepting them for who they are with NO ASSUMPTIONS.

One thought on “Don’t Assume!

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