Love? or Lack there of?

Love Awaits You

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time will tell what someone is all about, whether they truly like you, love you, or just want you for money, gifts, or sex. A person can only hide who they truly are for so long until eventually they get comfortable, and when they do their true colors will be revealed, and you will see them for who they are or what they truly want. The sad part is most people are after personal gain, and it’s not how it used to be back in the day where a person loved you so much that they would jump in front of a moving car for you or take off their coat to cover a puddle so you don’t have to walk in it. What happened to opening car doors or asking a person out on a date versus a 2am booty call? What happened to a girl cooking dinner for a man or helping him by washing some of his clothes? What happened to showing a person you appreciate them or even care that they are in your life? People have gotten so shallow and so self-consumed. How did relationships turn into a fast food type venue? It’s a quick let me go see him/her just to get your ego stroked or cure your horniness or loneliness. Is that all people want now, a temporary fix that is very shallow and not fulfilling long-term? Do people not want to grow old together anymore? What is happening?


People are so afraid of love like love is a disease, when actuality love is the best feeling you could ever have, although some relationships don’t work out, there goes a quote “it is better to have loved then to not have loved at all”. This is a true statement, you have not truly lived until you have given your heart to someone, but some people get their heart’s broken and shut down afterwards, which leads me to wonder will you let your fear of being in love cause you to be lonely forever? Or will you keep telling yourself, you will give it a try, but you consume yourself with other things so you have an excuse to say “I’m too busy”? Will you dodge being in love so much that you look back when you think you’re ready and your lonely and say damn how did this much time go by, and I’m still single, and never been married? When will you start to learn to love? When you think it’s time or when the opportunity to love approaches? Things don’t always come when you expect them too, but if you’re not making yourself available for the opportunity out of fear, or excuses then no one is to blame but you. Trust me a broken heart is a wakeup call to show you your alive and human, but it should not be the thing that kills your spirit and makes you afraid to love, because when the right one comes in your life and its mutual love you will get the best feeling you will ever feel, but will you ever experience it if you continue to run from or consume yourself so you think you don’t have to be challenged with it? You can run, but you can’t hide from love. It will find you, but will you learn to accept it or continue to run the choice is yours, but the longer you run the longer you prolong your own happiness.


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