Reach for the Stars

We offend hear the phrase “reach for the stars”, but don’t actually put the phrase into our life. When people say reach for the stars they offend mean aim high for what you would like to accomplish or your dreams. The problem is not many people dream any more. They lack something, maybe the drive, the motivation, or support that makes them feel nothing can stop them for what they want to happen. Some people call it, the passion for something, but whatever you want to call it, believe in it and yourself, and if you have that passion to do something then don’t settle for anything less than that.

Some people have a passion for something or see themselves doing something other than what they are doing currently, or even sometimes going back to school for things they think will make them money, but later finding out it’s not worth the money because they do not feel fulfilled since they are not doing something they love. When you love doing something, how can it feel like a job?

Now, when I say reach for the stars that means reach within you, what makes you different and unique from everyone else? What makes you special? Everyone has something about them that makes them stand out from the rest.

God didn’t make everyone a like for a reason, if He did we’d all be identical, and robotic, although some people don’t embrace their originality, and they think they are suppose to be like everyone else those people will eventually learn the hard way about who they are. Not everyone are meant to be America’s Next Top Model or the next Michael Jordan because reality is there will only be one Michael Jordan, but there may be many other great basketball players who play just as good or even better than Michael Jordan. You have to learn to embrace yourself, and all your qualities rather good or bad because they are what makes you, you.

When you dream or think of something you would like to accomplish in life don’t allow anyone to make you feel your dream is stupid, unachievable, or insignificant because despite what you might think after the dream snatchers come around, some of the most successful stories are born because someone had a dream, and they didn’t let no one discourage them. They did what I am telling you… “Reach for the stars”, you’ll never know your true potential until you try, and if it fails get back up because trying is the first steps to succeeding. Don’t be discourage, don’t let your dream die, your vision and you were created for a reason, so don’t make no more excuses, and reach for the stars.


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