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Good Company

Some people say watch the company you keep, and in fact this statement is very important. The people you surround yourself around can lift your spirits or drain your energy. Good company exceeds any value. It brings peace of mind, serenity, happiness, and joy. Some people have forgotten what those things feel like because they have surrounded themselves around the energy suckers that roam the earth, and reality is they become use to being around them. Nobody wants to be around a downer. By calling these people downers that means they are always down about something. They usually possess negative thoughts, negative experiences, and usually say negative things; not to mention they are usually looking to bring someone else down with them.

The company you keep should be good company. Good company makes you smile, and make you talk about how great the experiences were in the presence of each other. It creates reminisce of all the things you and your good company has had together. Okay, so you get it now, good company is good to have, but you might wonder… do I have good company? Usually good company starts with you. Are you good company is the question you should ask; are you the downer? A self-evaluation is usually the way to determine if you are good company, and if you possess good company. Being the life of the party does not mean you are good company either because anyone can be that but that doesn’t mean people really like being around you.

Think about it… when you go out somewhere, most people would want to be around the people that make them laugh, smile, or just know how to have a good time. Nobody wants to be around someone that wants to hang on their arm or someone they feel they have to babysit. Above all things though, nobody wants to be around a party pooper. The party pooper is the one who comes to the party with you, and demands to leave when no one else is ready to go. That is NOT being good company and could guarantee you won’t be riding with someone else any time soon. In order to have good company, you yourself must be good company yourself. So ask yourself, have I been good company to others?  Keep in mind “you are the company you keep”


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