Awareness / Dating & Relationships / Love? or Lack there of?

2 Souls Don’t Always Make 1

ImageWe were two damaged souls trying to come together, and trying to become one when we ourselves didn’t realize we must be whole to add to another one. We search for what we think we are missing, but only come to see it’s not always what we want. We go from one relationship to another hoping to become one, but what we don’t realize is, are we saying we are only someone if we have someone? And fact, are you defined by making a statement that says I am claimed for? Is a ring on your hand truly what you think you’ve been missing or did society make you feel it is? It’s like you are no one when you turn a certain age, and the world expects you to be married, and to have children, and those that don’t do it in that order get’s looked down on. It’s like the ugly stare a single parent gets when the world sees an unwed parent, but does that really make them less than whole? Are you only defined by a ring that says I can commit to something? Are you any less of a person if you’re single? So say that same single person gets married, but in fact a lot of them lose themselves. What people don’t understand is if you go into a relationship, or marriage thinking you will be whole, you in fact got it wrong. You are to add to a relationship or marriage the person you are, and you in fact should already feel whole, but the person you choose to be with should add to the great person you are as a partner, and make you even better.

A marriage or relationship should not be based off your contentment but more on growth, and yes problems will arise, but the relationship would be worth more than the problem itself. A relationship or marriage is about working the problems out TOGETHER vs. doing it all alone. Relationships and marriages face problems just like dating or being single faces problems, but the problems are different. You have to know your value to know, you are not less than whole because of a relationship status. There are people in a relationship or marriage that still don’t feel whole because they got married thinking they would feel a certain way, and found out it first started with them. If you know you got issues work on them, but be truthful. A person that will be there for you would love you despite the issues so just be you, and don’t allow yourself to feel like you’re less than whole because two, or even one damaged soul doesn’t always make one whole soul.


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