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Baby Momma/ Daddy Drama

Can it be about the kids? Why is it that as parents, people tend to be so selfish that they don’t always look out for the best interest of a child but they would rather do vindictive things because they feel hurt. Why is it women stop men from seeing or talking to their kids? Or why do men walk away from a child’s life just because they don’t want to face the mother of the child? BUT even worse, WHY do the parents end up hating each other?


Whatever happened to putting yourself to the side to help raise a healthy child with a healthy outlook on what parents should be. Kids watch what they see, and listen to what is being said around them and although you might not think a child remembers, they do. Its NEVER okay to bad talk the other parent, nor is it okay to fight in front of the child. You are an example for your child, and if a child hears you say momma is a bitch or your daddy is an asshole; chances are they might just resent you because the other parent isn’t there to defend themselves. Reality is when you choose to have a child you choose to be involved in that child’s life until they are old enough to where you don’t have to deal with the mom/dad any longer. A child needs a mother & father and it affects them in a negative way to not have both parents involved or not to have a replacement. A daughter needs a father to teach her how a man should treat her, and what she should expect from him. A son needs a father to teach him how to be a man, and a daughter needs a mother to teach her how to be a woman, and a son needs a mother to teach him how to treat a lady as well as what is a real woman. Reality is so many people have neglected to play their role in their child’s life that it leads to a large amount of single mothers/fathers. It is a shame, and we need to do better as a society. It starts with us wanting to be there for our child, and putting ourselves to the side. Reality is a child doesn’t see gifts or money they see time, and if you’re involved in your child life then nothing the other parent say will have an effect on how your child sees you. It would be nice if we lived in a world where everyone lived happily ever after, but we don’t and although one parent might want what is best for a child their comes a time when both parents don’t always care to work it out for the child. Which is sad, but all I can say is step it up & be a parent!


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