It’s All About You

This blog is to address those that point their finger and blame. They blame everyone for the way things are going in their life except for taking responsibility for what has or is happening they get angry with everyone else and say it’s someone else’s fault. When a relationship turns bad, they blame the other person as if they did not play a part in the dysfunction of the relationship. When bills aren’t paid they want to blame everyone for the shortage of money, or not having a job. When someone cheats in a relationship they want to say its because the other person enticed them or that the faithful one changed. When negative things happen they say its because everyone else, and not them themselves.

People need to start realizing that some things are going to happen and its not always because someone else has done something wrong. Once you look at yourself in the mirror and start to realize that you play a part in the problem too, then nothing will truly get resolved. As people, we tend to have an attitude with people and want other people to pay for the mistakes we have made instead of us taking responsibility for them. It kills me how some people choose to live a certain life but yet get angry with everyone else when they choose that life. Life is about choices, and the road you decide to take is entirely up to you. People can tell you how to be but the decision is all yours so when you choose to go a certain route and it’s not the right route you have no one to blame but yourself so why be upset with everyone else? In fact “it’s all about you”, remember? Things that has happened in your past was to help make you who you are, but it was not to make you negative or hold grudges. People sometimes are so angry with the past or for not being where they want to be that they take it out on everyone else. If you are NOT happy with the way your life is you have the CHOICE to change it, and if you don’t then don’t complain about it. Don’t be negative! Don’t be angry because every morning you wake up is a morning you have a CHOICE to change the way you live. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!! It’s all about you, but yet you blame everyone else, and get angry with everyone else for the way YOU choose to live. Your life is in YOUR hands, and YOU choose YOUR happiness so why are you so angry? Blame it on me, and you play no role in it. Does that make sense? How can you fight a battle if there is only one person fighting? The problem is YOU!


3 thoughts on “It’s All About You

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