Awareness / Dating & Relationships / Love? or Lack there of?

Lovers to Enemies

How is it that people can be in love with you in the morning and hate you in the evening? People want to be loved so much that they rush into wanting love so much that they have actually fell in love with the idea of love rather than that they are truly in love with that person. When you can become enemies after lovers is in fact that you were not friends first. When you are friends first you allowed yourself to get to know the person before you create a relationship with them. When you start a relationship out of friendship you have an idea of what that person’s character might be.


People want to be loved so bad that they pretend to be something they are not so that they are liked or loved, and when they get comfortable then you see who they really are. Love comes from putting yourself to the side for the benefit of another. Love is NOT selfish, and if you are saying you love someone and in fact you just want something from them it won’t be too hard to become enemies afterwards because it was not built on love but on fabrications of wants of the individuals. If you truly were friends before you said you loved someone then it should not be a problem to continue to be friends with them even after the relationship has ended, but even with that said, why can’t lovers be friends after the breakup?


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