Awareness / Dating & Relationships

Wasting Time!

Time is wasting, and you are not getting any younger. The one thing you can never have enough of, that seems to creep up on you is TIME. It cannot be bought, and although you can remember the TIME, you can never get it back.

In life, we spend so much time-wasting it. We spend time in relationships we know have reached the end of the rope, or has nothing but problems with an eventual break-up. Why do we waste time on people we know don’t truly deserve us? Why do we waste time arguing or trying to defend ourselves with people who should already know our character or our love for them? Why do we believe a relationship will get better when you only see the arguments or disagreements getting worse? BUT we waste TIME! When the time has passed, and days, weeks, months, and years have passed, how much TIME have we wasted? What does it take for a person to realize the value of their TIME? We waste it as though it is not priceless. The one thing you can give someone to show you truly care for him or her is your TIME, but we invest so much of it in the wrong people that we do not see a future with. You can convince yourself that you’re not looking for love or your just having fun, but reality is you’re not getting any younger, and your only wasting your TIME, and someone else’s.

Time is wasting! What are you doing with your life? Are you trying to be known at every party? Be on the club scene? Be known for getting drunk or high? Or just trying to fit in? YOU are wasting YOUR time. In the end nobody really gives a damn about how high or drunk you can get, and when you get older nobody wants to be known as the 60+ years old drunk/high clubber. So what do you have to fall back on? Why are you wasting your time? Time is the one thing you will NEVER get back, and it goes by quickly. When you look back 5 years ago, what/where were you? What have you changed from then to now? Your life should be about progressing and not standing still. Do not waste your time trying to fit in to a trend either. Be a trendsetter. Do not waste your time trying to fit into a certain lifestyle, but live a life that is comfortable for you and allows you the TIME to enjoy life. Your only wasting your TIME trying to fit in the fast life of fame, or luxury because in the end how many of those people do you truly see happy within themselves?

Time is precious, but yet we waste it! We waste it in relationships, we waste it in dead-end careers, and we waste it doing things that just make us unhappy. You can control the way you live your life, and you control your TIME; it is the only thing you can never get back, and the only thing you will never have enough of, but I caution you to watch who and what you give your time too. Do not waste your time in the wrong investments in your life because in the end it might just cause your TIME to run out.


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