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Where Did You Go?

It is amazing how we lose ourselves in relationships; we put so much into a person that we forget about the things that was once so important to us. Any relationship that does not take you for you is not a relationship for you. We tend to think we are at fault when a relationship fails, but reality is its not you sometimes we put so much into a relationship that we have lost ourselves and a failed relationship can be a way of trying to get you to find yourself again. Dealing with the wrong female/male can either help or hurt your life if you do not know who is really there for you. Some people may have hidden motives for their own personal gain, and you could make the mistake of your life by giving that person your heart. The most important thing you can do in life is know who you are before you get into a serious relationship with anyone because then you are secure with who you are and what you are looking for and you can get it all out on the table before a relationship even starts, but if you’re wandering the world clueless what good are you to anyone? If you allow other people to speak for you or make decisions for you then your just existing in this world and a ton of heartbreak is going to come your way to teach you who you are.

People are quick to have sex looking to fill a void they are missing in their life but sex without love is meaningless. However, you can’t help who you love sometimes you can make better decisions on who you give your heart too. All I can say is know you so when you feel you have found someone special they can get to know you and understand who you are so when things do get serious there is no misunderstanding and you don’t get so caught up in the relationship that you forget what use to be important to you. A person who will truly love you will accept you through your flaws, and really care to know everything about you from what makes you smile to what makes you cry, but if you don’t know how will they? Which leads to an eventual disaster.


2 thoughts on “Where Did You Go?

  1. Thank you for another well written post. I swear, I could write a book on this subject.
    Nowadays, it’s all about the quick fix! Instant gratification, it’s easy to post a picture half naked and get 1000 likes, so why is love so HARD? People nowadays arent geared towards having to wait for anything. Love is a tricky thing. You must love yourself first, and frankly most of us don’t. Real-love takes time, patience, understanding, a MUTUAL feeling for one-another. How can 2 people that don’t love themselves, love one another?. Self-hate is apparent everywhere you go, people bleach their skin, fry their hair, and tat up their whole body just to FIT IN…..and self-hate rears it’s ugly had in many of the tainted relationships that we see displayed everyday. Ill save to rest for the book, lol. Nice post!

    • I LOVE IT! There are so many things people do when they don’t love themselves. There is a book I bought for my daughter by the rapper Common called “I Like You But I Love Me”, that book has been discontinued and trying to get a copy now is starting at $100 or more, but in the book he talks about a boy changing who he is to get the attention of a girl, but I bought it for my daughter to show her ALWAYS stay true to you, its okay to grow but its another thing to give up on who you are and what you stand for.

      Society is screwed up, and it doesn’t make it any better that the media doesn’t help. They don’t show that black is beautiful, and not having the standard view of European beauty is the only definition of beauty, but each person has something that makes them beautiful.

      When I decided to go natural people thought I lost my mind because I had long hair, and I use to straighten it all the time, but it was damaging my hair so I decided to cut it, and let it do what it was grown to do; however, I get more people stopping me asking if my hair is real, asking about what I do to it, and even giving me compliments, BUT however, there are some people that are so use to the European standard of beauty that they tell me I should straighten however, this is me, and I will not change that for nothing, however, some people would have, and thats where our problem lays.

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