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Ingredients: What It Takes for Perfection

When you think of ingredients you might think cooking, but yes for those of us who do cook that word means something. However, in this blog, it means something so much more. Ingredients in reference to you and everything you want and are looking for. There are ingredients that are required to make the perfect recipe to whatever it is you want for yourself. Ingredients in relationships, ingredients in yourself, ingredients in life in general. You might ask what do I mean by ingredients? Let’s take relationship for example, there might be things you want in a mate, such as personality, appearance, intelligence, communication, trust or things like that, these are the ingredients to what you feel would be a great recipe for the perfect mate. These ingredients are the key things to make the recipe complete, and without those ingredients there is nothing to complete. However, we also know that in the case with cooking some ingredients can also be omitted or exchanged for another ingredient in the place of something else.


Everyone has ingredients in themselves; usually people refer to them as their personal qualities or traits. Your ingredients can change at any time when you think it will make your recipe or your overall progress better. An ingredient that might be added is education, wisdom, or understanding. Like a good wine, time allows things to get better so it makes common sense that every recipe will be altered to adapt to growth. You might find with time you might want to change-up some things, and try a new ingredient to spice things up. You might find it works and you might find it doesn’t but it won’t hurt in trying. Some of the best recipes were made by just trying, and if it doesn’t work for you at least you know.


There are ingredients in life. In your life ingredients, might be your family, your career, your lifestyle, or whatever you might think is an essential to your existence. Only you know what ingredients you want to make something perfect for you. Not everyone will use the same ingredients or prepare things the way you or someone else will. Not everyone might even think you have the perfect recipe, and might even challenge you to a heated cook off. It’s no doubt there will be others who become envious of your recipe, but they don’t know where you even got your ingredients from, but say you accept the challenge because your confident in your recipe, and you know how it came about. So you reveal more about where the ingredients came from, and then you realize…who’s the one to judge and tell you it isn’t the perfect recipe? No one can taste what your cooking, and fully understand everything that was put into it, and no one will ever experience what you’ve experienced creating that recipe. So why should you care if someone else doesn’t approve of your ingredients when there will only ever be one judge that only matters, which is you, and it is your special ingredients because it is your special recipe. Many will duplicate it, but there will only be one authenticated recipe. Why? Because there is only one you, with all the right ingredients to make a recipe that only you can master. You are the chef in your kitchen you call world, and no one else can tell you what makes the perfect recipe except you.


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