Ignorance at It’s best

Okay I heard some disturbing comments recently that really annoyed me, and coming from someone I think who has just revealed how incredibly ignorant she really is. The quote goes “I’m Republican voting for Mitt Romney; you lazy bitches are fucking up the economy”. Really now? That just goes to show you the ignorance of some individuals. I am for those doing their research, and determining what party works for them, but make sure they are for the right reasons. I of course endorse President Obama, and not because he is so called black, but because he shares the views I share, and he wants the same kind of change I want in the US, however, back to the ignorant female. I refuse to say the person’s name who stated this comment in a form of a rap because I feel for whatever reason she made this comment I refuse to acknowledge her. For some reason certain people want to be so relevant that they will say or do anything, and it is obvious by looking at this individual that she is SCREAMING for attention. She is the biggest fashion rip off I have seen in a long time from jacking Lil Kim swag to biting off Lady Gaga, and yet I think what has shocked everyone about her statement about Mitt Romey and what I would refer to as the Democrats making the economy bad. She needs to have a seat; pick up a book and do some research on the history of this country before she speaks… but wait…. Did I hear she wasn’t even born in the USA, and she isn’t even registered to vote, so really… she really is relevant just another pretty face with no substance or potential. Haven’t people learned yet being pretty will only take you so far until you open your mouth and reveal how ignorant you truly are. My advice… pick up a book instead of another hair weave because it’s killing your brain cells.


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