Define American

With elections coming up, and hearing the word “American” so many times it makes me wonder… “What does this word mean?” American history has not always been something to proudly say “I am happy to be American” about. From the Trail of Tears, and taking over a land that did not belong to the American people and giving a certain calendar day the day of discovery to honor someone who truly didn’t discover something that had already existed, can we honestly say we are proud to be “American” in a situation like this?

 Still proud?

 Not long after taking over something that did not belong to them; which in my case I say the bullying of the American’s; they strike again. They conquer yet another land that did not belong to them, but only this time to kidnap citizens of that land, and force them to board ships and become slaves to the land they took over from other individuals.

 Still proud?

 We go starting a war stating the country has weapons, but yet when we get there our focus changed to something else, and we forget what we were there to do, but like I said before that’s just the bullying of the Americans. So I ask can someone please define what “American” means?

 Some people feel that living the “American Dream” was to come to a country with free will, and the freedom of choice, but what is really free? With the recent election, politicians are playing dirty by blocking certain votes, and creating other tactics to prevent people from having this so called free will or freedom of choice, so…

 Are you still proud?

 In the United States, there is a melting pot of individuals, and yet a bi-racial president gets death threats in the 20th Century because of his ethnicity? Something is not right especially when majority of population now and days is mixed with some other race, but yet we stand proud, and pretend we don’t need correction. EVERYONE should be able to say they are proud to be American, and not just a selected privileged few that feels they know what being American is. America is defined not by one individual race, but a combination of different races and that comes from the history of this country. Certain ethnicity didn’t ask for the mixture of races, but they were forced to live in this country, and at this day and age they should all live with the same rights as anyone else, and that goes for their gender, sexual orientation, race, and for what everyone has come to this country for… “FREEDOM of CHOICE”. No one in their right mind would choose to live in poverty, choose to be discriminated against, or choose to be seen differently for their beliefs or orientation. So what defines American because the old definition can not still apply to today’s society because we MUST grow in order to be proud of the country in which we live in?

And that growth comes from first accepting that regardless as to the color or someone skin, the texture of their hair, their religion, or even what country they are born EVERYONE should be proud to be American. Yes, the history of this country has not been great, but it’s not the growth we need to focus on to ensure we don’t allow something so humane to continue. We have rights, and those rights start with first acknowledging the history to make a better future. So what is American?

“Everyone’s definition will always be different”


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