Come Into My Life: Crossing Paths

We pass by thousands of people driving to work, at the grocery store, heading home, exercising, or just doing our normal day-to-day activities; but with all that said only certain people stop us in our tracks long enough to notice they are there. We may ask ourselves “where has this person been?” “Why have we crossed paths?”, and “what purpose will this person serve?” We sometimes fear this person will do something other than love us unconditionally, and times we will even push them away, and hope of thinking we are shielding ourselves from maybe an old hurt caused by a past lover. We push them away trying to protect ourselves from rejection due to the unveiling of whom you might truly be that you wish to cover.  Then somehow you might get the courage to stick it out… why?

“Events do not just happen, but arrive by appointment.” –Epictetus

Nothing happens by coincidence, but more so everything happens for a reason. People don’t just pop up, and it’s not by chance that you cross paths with someone but yes, everyone serves some sort of purpose. Sometimes you will figure it out if you’re in tune to where you are in your life, and I don’t mean that in a financial type of way, but more about what your life means to you, and what are the things you value about those in your life. The value that someone should bring to your life should exceed far beyond their actual stay. For example, when you cross a path with someone you should always take something from that experience whether it is negative or positive, but learn from it because this person crossed your path to teach you something about yourself. A person’s lesson they teach you might not be one you wanted to learn either, but it might be one you will never forget. Maybe this lesson will help you to change something about yourself so you don’t have to learn this lesson in a different form. Although some like to learn the hard way by repeating the same cycles maybe they will see the error in their choices or maybe the error in their ways so that they see the true beauty of what life is truly all about.

The beauty about life is everyone is there for a reason, but you are the decider of if that person’s purpose is what you want to allow into your life at that very moment, and yes sometimes we miss opportunities taking so long deciding whether to move our feet or not. So you sit there, and you ponder; here I am going about my normal routine, and here this person is… do I step forward or do I step backwards? But you have to also think; if you choose to step forward is the path clear for you to allow this person to step forward with you? Or do you need to clear the clutter first? The clutter of past relationships, the clutter of drama, the clutter of burdens, and the clutter of the messy bed that maybe you’re lying in. Think long and hard before you take that step because not everything and not everyone should come into your life; and not everything or everyone that makes it into your life should stay because it only adds to the clutter.

“Progression means moving forward, but some luggage need to stay behind in order to make the trip easy, and stress free”.



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