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Let Go, Open The Door & Let Love

Love came knocking at the door, but no one answered.


Love came knocking on the door, but no one answered.

No one answered out of fear of being hurt

Out of fear of disappointment

Out of fear from thinking the past will become the future again.


No one answered because it felt too good to be true

No one answered because they were so use to feeling blue;

And the thought of loving someone new; left them without a clue.


The knock got louder, and it was obvious someone really cared to be there,

But once again you peek to see who might they be, but still you never let them in.


So many opportunities for love come knocking,

And no one answers the door;

The fear has overcome you so much that the person leaves the door.


You peek out the peephole wondering if you should open the door,

And call for them before they completely leave,

But the choice is now will the fear win

And you let the person up in leave?


“All events contain an advantage for you- if you look for it”  ~~Epictetus


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