Going On a Whim


Sometimes life bogs us down

Sometimes we feel we are in a rut, and then something in our gut or mind tells us we should go on a whim.



Embrace the thoughts, and get out of the rut.


What holds us back from our own unhappiness?


 But what are we so scared of?

 Are we scared to fail or scared to succeed? Sometimes success comes with problems as well, such as not knowing who is there for you for you not what you have, and obligations of family and friends feeling they are entitled to what you have. So it leads me to ask… What do you consider success? Is success to you millions in the bank? Fancy cars? Mansions? Or living a certain lifestyle or is success: Peace of mind? No stress? No complications? No debt?

 In order to achieve success we have to first figure out what we define as success, and then we can conquer the FEAR aspect. FEAR comes from the mind, and the mind controls everything in relation to you. So going on a whim can actually be something that is your passion, or something is trying to tell you its time for you to move on your thoughts. We get caught up on the slave to money mentality that we have stopped fulfilling what our passions are, and what makes us happy.

So we decided to go to school because everyone preaches your not going to make money or you need education, but I can honestly tell you there is nothing better than self education, and that comes with you deciding you want to educate yourself on certain subjects, and not a facility telling you a subject is something you need to learn because truth be told most schools in my opinion does not really teach you a lot of life or survival skills, which is what most people are lacking so much of.

 Anyway, not to get off subject, but going on a whim for example does not mean drop out of school, but more so define why you are in school? Did you choose to go to school because there was a program that you know makes a lot of money, but yet your passion is not really there? Then going on a whim for you might be switching your major to do what your passion truly is.

Going on a whim might be that you worked for a company for a certain period of time, and something tells you there is a whole other world out there that you need to explore, and you go on a whim of just applying for other jobs or creating your own business.

The point of this blog is to let you know sometimes going on a whim is going for your passion; it is going for what makes you feel alive, or for what no longer feels suitable for your life. Sometimes we need to go on a whim so that we can find ourselves again so by all means if you must… stop doubting yourself, and “GO ON A WHIM”

Be Happy! Be Healthy! Be Free!



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