When we think of the word “healthy” we often think just being physically in shape, but what we don’t always take into consideration is that being healthy comes from being balanced, and being balanced takes into account your spiritual health, mental health, and physical health. All areas must be balanced in order to be truly healthy.


Take into consideration the word “healthy”; when we look closely at the word you see the word “HEAL” is the beginning of the word. Heal defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary is to make sound or whole. So what does this have to do with being healthy you might wonder… Everything! In order to be healthy and truly healthy something needs to change first, and that change comes from healing. Some people get sick very easily because they are not balancing out their life. They spend hours in the gym working out, but not even an hour dedicating that time to their mental or spiritual health, which is what keeps you off-balance. You should put just as much time into working out physically as you put into your mental and spiritual health.


When I say your mental health needs just as much time; that comes with you stimulating your mind, and filtering your mind. Our mental health is so important because it is what can make you sicker then you are by the way you think. Mental health needs to be stimulating through reading books, educating you, hence the saying:

 “Knowledge is Power”

 Education should not just come from you attending a school, but you conducting your own research on different topics or subjects, and it doesn’t have to be alone, but it can also be in the form of a group or other forms of interaction. Now, when you think of filtering your mind I have one recommendation for you… Meditation! Meditation can be used to reflect, or help focus your thoughts, as well as help you map out plans. If you have never taken a Meditation Yoga class you should try it at least once. Meditation is highly recommended by me. For example, have you ever experienced times when you feel you have a thousand things on your mind, and/or you are forgetful or your mind just seems cluttered; then you need to meditate or what some just call clearing your mind or your head. For some of us we have emotions or feelings from the past that need to also be dealt with, which is hindering us from being healthy whether its anger, hurt, resentment, grudges or another negative emotion or feeling; this is where meditation comes in, and letting go needs to take place.  Trust me it works wonders!


Now… back to the spiritual health. Spiritual health comes from an individual getting into with their spirit, and finding what they feel is best for their well-being. Whether you are Christian, Muslim, Catholic, Hindu or etc or just considering yourself a spiritual person with no actual religion tied to you; whatever your belief or feelings are get more in tuned to them. I am not going to speak much on religion because your beliefs or religion is to each its own in my opinion so whatever you choose to practice; that much time should be dedicated evenly with your mental health, and physical health. Remember it’s about healing every aspect of your body so you don’t have to heal it in a more traumatic type of way, which could be you sitting in a Doctor’s office, and them over diagnosing you. So take it serious because it is a matter of life or death.



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