Happiness Starts With You

People who are pessimistic, and say everyone else is to blame for things that they feel are not the way they want them to be in their life must realize they have to be accountable for the role you play. Everything that happens positive or negative can be a result of Karma. Karma does exist people, and what you put out will most definitely come back to you. Now back on topic…Happiness comes from you, and your way of thinking. If you think negative, negativity will come your way, and even the way you say things. For example, if you are always saying you can’t do something or making excuses for not trying then… guess what? It will be more difficult for you to achieve those things.

Can’t… should not be in your vocabulary. Doubt… should not be in your thoughts, and negativity should not have a permanent place in my mind.

What’s the key to success for anything you do? It’s in your mind.  If you believe you can achieve it you will achieve it. If you think you’re happy, you will be happy, and happiness will come to you. There is power in the way you think and what you say, and when you bring a pessimistic attitude into the equation guess what will take over? Negativity! Watch what you say, and what you think, and watch how your life will change. Everything starts with you way before it starts with anyone else.


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