What Are You Asking For?

You get what you ask for. If you ever heard of the laws of attraction then you know what you think, believe, and what you do is what will determine what will be attracted to you. Sometimes I often ask myself why certain people, things, or events come into my life, and then I wonder what I did to attract them, whether they were good or bad things, people or events.

Sometimes people look to blame others for the way their life is going, and they seldom ever look at their thought patterns, their behavior, or their ways to determine how they contributed to this person coming into their life or this event finding them.

“Think negative, negativity will be attracted to you. “

When you say you want a certain type of person in your life, and you believe they will come then they will come. The universe has unlimited resources, and there is enough for everyone but the key is you have to reach up and grab it, but in the process not get envious, jealous or not feel the same opportunities are not open to you as they are to someone else, but it is all in your mind and if you possess the power of your mind to attract them to you.

Have you found yourself in a position in life, and you wonder how did I get here? Whether the position is good or not, have you questioned why certain people have even come into your life? The answers to these questions are simple if you look at the root of them. The answers are not really what you’re looking for it’s the questions that are the most important because in the end the questions become the key to what you are asking for.


2 thoughts on “What Are You Asking For?

  1. You know it’s funny you bring up the topic of laws of attraction. I have been talking to my younger cousin that is going through some things in life: and he asked me for advice. I told him Always Think Positive. When something bad happens, it could always be worse. I’m a firm believer in thinking positive at all times; and I’ve been told by many that its not realistic to always think positive. (Smh) I Refuse to let my mind fester in negativity. When someone starts talking negativity–I politely excuse myself, because negativity is a weight I want to carry. However, there will always be those that feed off of negativity and conflict, the key is STAYING AWAY from negativity. Great blog!

    • I completely agree with you, I have tried telling my mother the same and she gets upset and still doesn’t listen. I have found it hard to be around certain people because they are so negative and people loose a lot of friends continuing to be negative so much.

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